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There was a really interesting contrast on the two gigs

Day 1: jazz = swing, Latin, calypso and more swing
Day 2: jazz = funk, fusion, Latin (not swing)

and Zeke Martin, Sven Larson, Morgan Scott at Lily Pad and Brian Eggleston at Midway Café were great – check out the tunes under our Audio page!

We are striving to build our group of loyal followers
Is you bring in someone new, I would love to meet them… even buy you a drink!


The new gigs at Church of Boston and at the Corner at the Middle East show how, since the Copperfield’s gig, more people recognize our band. All our work is paying off, which is gratifying.

But we can still use your help in spreading the word!


The economy has affected avialablity of jazz venues.

We are still trying to find new venues, but our band is gaining recognition but still new, so it is a challenge

Any ideas?  All help is appreciated!